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New Sound Recordings
The Sea of Lost Girls
Mars! : Earthlings welcome
Against Empathy
Labor Day
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Words of Silk
I survived the shark attacks of 1916
I survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005
I survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944
Checking in : how getting real about depression saved my life--and can save yours
Black ice : a thriller
Six Crimson Cranes
System overload
The life I
The book of dragons
Night owl
Loving you, thinking of you, don
Target acquired
An act of state : the execution of Matrin Luther King
The Hocus-pocus hoax : an original novel
Flood city
Game time!
The scary states of America
The sea in winter
Mother Goose in prose
Stink and the hairy scary spider
Ricky Ricotta