Read this in 10th grade....
...and fell in love with it!

This book gives life another twist and skillfully crafts a world of acceptance.

I read this through my school, and I was happily surprised! "Afterlife" may seem like it would be depressing with horrible details; however, Elsewhere captures the sense of everyday life in her "afterlife" and lets the main character discover that for herself.

Stand Out Dystopian/SciFi novel
Growing up in the underground sanctuary of Reverie, Aria always thought of the outside as a toxic wasteland filled with cannibalistic savages. While she played in surreal mental realms, Peregrine struggled help his tribe survive. When a series of events brings them together they must overcome their mutual disdain and mistrust to rescue their loved ones and earn redemption from their respective peoples. In the current field of dystopian teen fiction, this tale stands out as the flaws of both societal extremes are explored, characters are as flawed as they are heroic, and the science of human nature and it''s response to stimuli give some actual sci-fi elements beyond hovercraft and holograms. This first installment should have ended a chapter early to leave readers with some suspense for the next book due out in Jan, 2013, but overall, this page turner will keep teens and adults wanting more.

All humans ponder their fate after death. In Gabrielle Zevin's fresh and invigorating novel, the afterlife has a much more different outlook than most expect. For the open-minded reader, I found this book quite original and worth my time. Incorporating both metaphysical and tangible outlooks, this book will be a great read, even the second time.